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Film title: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman
Language: English
Plot: A rather loose adaptation of the P. D. James novel. Cordelia Gray, the survivor of a partnership in a detective agency, is asked by the assistant of James Calendar to investigate the suicide of his son, Mark. About the same age as Mark, Cordelia is resourceful in her investigation, but smitten with the dead son and becomes obsessed with his memory and his increasingly suspicious death. She interviews his friend, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Isobel. She is also interested in James Calendar's assistant, Elizabeth Leaming, who seems to have a more than natural interest in Mark. She is thrown down an abandoned well and later chases her assailant, A

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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman Cast & Crew

Billie Whitelaw
as Elizabeth Leaming
Paul Freeman
as James Calendar
Pippa Guard
as Cordelia Gray
Dominic Guard
as Andrew Lunn
Elizabeth Spriggs
as Miss Markland
David Horovitch
as Sergeant Maskell
Dawn Archibald
as Isobel
Kelda Holmes
as Girl
Margaret Wade
as Secretary
Alex Guard
as Mark Callender