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Wiki Biography: Ana was born in Honduras and is of Greek descent. She started out in television at a very early age, growing up in front of millions of viewers in her home country. She's been a television personality in Honduras since she was a little girl. She spent a lot of her childhood in a television studio, working in various shows for several Television Stations. She's been in the spotlight as a singer as well. She plays the organ since the tender age of 5, showcasing her talent in several concerts throughout the years. She's also developed a career in Spain, having worked in a variety of television shows. Aside from acting Ana has a Degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Journalistic, Business and Institutional Communications. She speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French.

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Ana Belibasis Ana Belibasis Ana Belibasis Ana Belibasis Ana Belibasis Ana Belibasis


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Don't Fall Asleep Abby 2010 Horror
The Banksters, Madoff with America Newscaster 2013 Drama
Camino al mar Malika 2016 Comedy