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Film title: Anazapta
Language: English
Plot: In 1348, with the horrors of the Black Death haunting Europe, English soldiers return home from war with a French nobleman as hostage. When people in their home village soon after begin to die, it is believed that the Black Death has struck once more. However, there are other dark reasons behind the sudden deaths.

Anazapta Series
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Anazapta Cast & Crew

Lena Headey
as Lady Matilda Mellerby
David La Haye
as Jacques de Saint Amant
Jason Flemyng
as Nicholas
Anthony O'Donnell
as Randall
Jeff Nuttall
as Priest
Ralph Riach
as Physician
Stevan Rimkus
as Pecok
Ian McNeice
as Bishop
Jon Finch
as Sir Walter de Mellerby
Rocky Taylor
as Compte de Fugiere