Andrey Panin Biography

Birthday: 1962-05-28
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Wiki Biography: Panin was rocketed to fame by the hit television detective show "Kamenskaya." In 2000, he had lead roles in both Valery Akhadov's "Don't Offend the Women" and Pavel Lugin's "Wedding," as well as Alexander Atanesyan's action thriller "24 Hours." He won the best actor prize at the Golden Ram film festival for his part in "Wedding." Panin made his first screen appearance in the movie "Straightway," but it was his performances in Maxim Pezhemsky's "Mama, Don't Cry" and Denis Yevstigneev's "Mama" that brought the actor renown. Before becoming a screen regular, he was a stage actor at the Minusinsky theater, where he worked after graduating from the Culture Institute in Kemerovo. Although he had initially planned to attend the Culinary Institute, Panin went on to further his education as an actor, graduating from Moscow's legendary MKhAT in 1991 and taking up residence at the MKhAT Chekhov theater with his wife, Natalya Rogozhina. His stage work includes "Three Sisters" (Soleny), "The Miserly Knight," "Marriage," "Deadly Number," and a private production of "Winter." Panin often acts in Oleg Tabakov's productions.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Den polnoluniya Captain 1999 Drama
Mama Yuryev-father 1999 Comedy, Drama, Music
Vmesto menya Businessman 2000 Drama, Romance
Artist i master izobrazheniya Inventive 2000 Comedy
Nezhnyy vozrast kapitan Okun'kov 2000 Drama
Svadba Garkusha 2000 Comedy, Drama
24 chasa Lyova Shalamov 2000 Crime, Drama
Yady, ili vsemirnaya istoriya otravleniy Cesare Borgia 2001 Comedy
Letniy dozhd Romanov 2003 Romance
Dazhe ne dumay! Chernov 2003 Comedy, Crime
Shik Platon 2003 Comedy, Drama
Trio Nikolai 2003 Crime
Dazhe ne dumay! Ten nezavisimosti Chernov 2004 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Vsadnik po imeni Smert Georges 2004 Drama
Voditel dlya Very Adjutant Saveliev 2004 Drama
Boy s tenyu Valiyev 2005 Action, Drama
Blind Man's Bluff Architect 2005 Comedy, Thriller
Mama ne goryuy 2 Sailor 2005 Comedy, Crime
Vnuk Gagarina Tolyan 2007 Comedy
Potseluy ne dlya pressy Alexander Alexandrovich Platov 2008 Biography, Drama
Illyuziya strakha Igor Korov 2008 Thriller
Morfiy Medical Assistant Anatoliy Lukich Demiyanenko 2008 Drama
Buratino Artemon 2009 Comedy, Musical
Utomlennye solntsem 2 Kravets 2010 Drama
Blizkiy vrag Valek 2010 Crime
Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund Vagit 2011 Action, Drama
Orda Khan Tinibek 2012 Drama, History
We Are Family Viktor Sergeevich 2012 Comedy
Iskupleniye Kulturnik 2012 Drama, History
Generation P Kolya 2012 Comedy, Drama