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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Finding North 1999 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Wolves of Wall Street 2002 Reality Tv, Game Show
Anything But Love Peggy 2002 Musical, Romance
A Tale of Two Pizzas Beverly Rossi 2003 Comedy, Romance
The Code Mary Gilbert 2004
Palindromes Mrs. Wiener 2005 Drama, Adventure, Comedy
Greetings from the Shore 2008
Bittersweet Anne 2008 Drama
Hysterical Psycho Lenny's Mom 2009 Horror
Remember Me 2010 Drama, Romance
Stags Mrs. Newman 2011 Comedy, Romance
Old 37 Principle Stockton 2013 Horror
Cryptogram Aunt Mary Gilbert 2013 Adventure, Mystery, Thriller
The Last American Guido Connie 2014