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Film title: Anguish
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: A film-within-a-film thriller about two teen girls among a small group of people whom are terrorized in a movie theater by a killer while watching a horror film about a murderous optometrist who stalks his victims in a movie theater in the film.

Anguish  Series
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Anguish Cast & Crew

Talia Paul
as Patty
Àngel Jové
as Killer
Clara Pastor
as Linda
Nat Baker
as Teaching Doctor - Old Movie
Edward Ledden
as Doctor - Old Movie
Gustavo Gili
as Student 1 - Old Movie
Antonio Regueiro
as Student 2 - Old Movie
Joaquín Ribas
as Student 3 - Old Movie
Janet Porter
as Laboratory Nurse - Old Movie
Patrice Manget
as Nurse at Clinic - Old Movie
Merche Gascón
as Nurse at Clinic - Old Movie
Jose M. Chucarro
as Caroline's Boyfriend - Old Movie