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Wiki Biography: Director Bo Widerberg first spotted the teenage Pia Degermark in a newspaper photo, dancing at a party with with the Swedish Crown Prince Carl Gustaf. He career seemed assured after he cast her as the lead in Elvira Madigan (1967/I), which debuted at Cannes and garnered critical and commercial acclaim. Degermark was heralded as the "new Ingrid Bergman" and offers came flooding in. However, in 1971 she married the producer Pier A. Caminnecci (in whose film Gebissen wird nur nachts (1971) she appeared). The marriage produced a son, Cesare, but ended two years later. Degermark then emigrated to the USA, but returned to her native Sweden in 1979, by now gravely ill and suffering from anorexia. Her acting career now over, she founded the organisation 'Alfta', devoted to the aid of other women suffering from the disease. She was eventually taken to court, accused of false claims and the organisation collapsed. It was at this time that Degermark became homeless and addicted to drugs - an addiction that led her to use fraudulent cheques in her desperation for money, and she was eventually committed to Stockholm's state prison.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
ITV Playhouse Cynthia Randolph 1967 Comedy
Foreign Body Miss Furze 1986 Comedy
Haunted Nanny Tess Webb 2002 - 2002 Drama
He Knew He Was Right Miss Stanbury 2004 Drama
The Robinsons Pam Robinson 2005 -
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Peeping Tom 1962 Crime, Horror, Thriller
The Looking-Glass War 1965
Bunny Lake Is Missing Elvira 1965
De Sade Renee De Montreuil 1969
Frenzy Babs Milligan 1972 Comedy, Game Show
The Vault of Horror 1973
A Little Romance 1979 Comedy, Romance
Foreign Body Miss Furze 1986
Sacred Hearts Sister Thomas 1986 Comedy, Drama
La couleur du vent Norma 1988
Tears in the Rain 1988 Drama, Romance
Killing Dad or How to Love Your Mother Edith 1990 Comedy
The Tall Guy 1990 Comedy, Romance
Haunted Nanny Tess 1995
Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets Mrs. Giblet 1997 Comedy, Drama, Horror
Driftwood Mother 1997 Thriller
The Slab Boys Miss Elsie Walkinshaw 1997 Drama
Déjà Vu Fern Stoner 1998 Drama, Romance
Captain Jack Phoebe 1999 Drama
Sweet Angel Mine Mother 1999 Thriller
Mad Cows Dwina Phelps 1999 Comedy
Room to Rent Sarah Stevenson 2001 Comedy
The Importance of Being Earnest Miss Laetitia Prism 2002 0, 0, Biography
Possession Lady Bailey 2002 Romance, Drama, Mystery
The Machinist 2004 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont Mrs. Arbuthnot 2005
The Gigolos 2007 Comedy
The Oxford Murders 2008 Comedy
Oxford Murder 2008 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Affinity Miss Haxby 2008 Drama, Romance
Impromptu 2013