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Birthday: 1934-03-04
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
Wiki Biography: Anne Haney held prominent roles acting on stage, on the screen, and on TV. All these achievements came in her mid 40s, after she had raised a daughter and buried a husband. It wasn't until after she had packed her daughter off to college and "the maid quit", as she said, that she decided to try her hand at acting. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee and studied drama, radio and TV at the University of North Carolina, where she met her husband, John Haney. She did apply her schooling briefly at a Memphis television station, but soon settled down with her husband and devoted herself to family life. "I was a lovely faculty wife. We made ambrosia salad. We did good works. We played a lot of bridge", she said of those times. By the 1970s, however, Haney began seeking work in local theatre productions and television commercials. Soon, she was traveling with a touring company performing as the maid in Noel Coward's "Fallen Angels". She toured for two years. Eventually, she joined the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of T.V. and Radio Artists. She and her husband had, in fact, planned to move to Southern California after his retirement. She was eager to experience and, she hoped, benefit from the variety and prestige available only in Hollywood. Those plans changed when Mr. Haney died of kidney disease in 1980; Anne Haney made the trek to California, alone. Not long after arriving, she had an agent and a part in the Walter Matthau vehicle Hopscotch (1980). As her career took off, she also secured roles on stage, notably the role of Margaret Fielding in the Theatre West production of "Verdigris". When asked whether she ever dwelled on the prospect that had she begun her career too late, she replied that "this is gravy to me. It's a wonderful way to spend the last third of my life".

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Lime Street Evelyn Camp 1985 - 1985
George Juanita 1993 - 1994
Leaving L.A. Martha Hayes 1997 - 1997
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Summer of My German Soldier 1978 Drama, Romance
Making Love 1982 Drama
The Osterman Weekend 1983 Action, Crime, Drama
The Night They Saved Christmas 1984 Drama
Celebration Family 1987 Drama
Elvis and Me Grandma Minnie Mae Presley 1988 Drama, Music
Cold Steel 1988 Action, Thriller
Mrs. Doubtfire Mrs. Sellner 1993 Comedy, Drama, Family
The American President 1995 Biography, 0
Mother Helen 1996 Comedy, Drama
Liar Liar Greta 1997 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Changing Habits Sister Humiliata 1997 Comedy, Drama
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1997 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Lesser Evil Derek's Mother 1998 Drama, Thriller
Psycho Mrs. Chambers 1998 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
The Out-of-Towners Woman in Bathroom 1999 Comedy