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Film title: Annie's Garden
Language: English
Plot: In front of his 15-year-old son, a father loses his temper and strikes his younger daughter, thinking she's trying to run away from him. Jump ahead ten years: the dad is dead, the mom is gone, and the son, Luke, is raising his now grown sister, Annie. He's overprotective, and she seems blood simple, a coquette and an innocent. He runs the diner in town, and one day, Lisa, a callow writer-to-be, comes through from Manhattan, keeping a journal, looking for interesting people. She takes a shine to Annie and then to the muscular and well-read Luke. But what is their secret, how many of the townsfolk are in on it, and what will Lisa do when it all becomes clear?

Annie's Garden Series
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Annie's Garden Cast & Crew

Yancy Butler
as Lisa Miller
Charlotte Chatton
as Annie Thomas
Grace Zabriskie
as Mrs. Barnes
Morgan H. Margolis
as Jeff Morris
Shayna Fox
as Annie Thomas - Age 8
Arell Blanton
as Mr. Thomas
Foster K. Denker
as Old Man
Rochelle Lillig
as Old Woman
Ben Giacometti
as Trucker at Counter #1
Rock Cafe Guy
as Trucker at Counter #2
Ralph Lillig
as Mr. Morris
Jeffrey Licon
as Luke Thomas - Age 7