Anthony Michael Hall Biography

Birthday: 1968-04-14
Place of Birth: West Roxbury, Massachusetts USA
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Wiki Biography: Anthony Michael Hall was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His stepfather is a show-business manager and his mother, Mercedes Hall, is an actress-singer. His sister, Mary Christian, is also a performer. He started doing TV commercials, and his first major break came when he was cast as the young Steve Allen in Allen's semi-autobiographical play "The Wake." He came to the attention of movie audiences with his performance as the geeky, overbearing yet endearing "Farmer Ted" who talks Molly Ringwald into giving him her underwear in Sixteen Candles (1984). His television credits include the Emmy Award-winning "The Gold Bug," in which he played the young Edgar Allan Poe, as well as the TV movie Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (1982) (TV), and specials "The Body Human" and "Orphans, Waifs and Wards." On stage, he appeared in the Lincoln Center Festival's production of "St. Joan of the Microphone."

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Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Weird Science Gary Wallace 1985 Comedy
Claude's Crib Shorty 1997
Chicken Soup for the Soul 1999 - 2000 Drama
Dark Knight Mike Engel 2001 - 2002 Action
Vacation, Vacation, Vacation Rusty Griswold 2011 Family
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Hail Caesar 0000
Sixteen Candles The Geek 1984 Biography
The Breakfast Club Brian Johnson 1985 Comedy, Drama
Weird Science Gary Wallace 1985 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Out of Bounds 1986 Action, Crime, Thriller
Johnny Be Good Johnny Walker 1988
Edward Scissorhands Jim 1990 Biography, 0
A Gnome Named Gnorm Casey Gallagher 1992 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Into the Sun Tom Slade 1992 Action, Comedy
Six Degrees of Separation Trent Conway 1993 Game Show, 0
The Grave Tavis Purcell 1996
The Grave Travis Purcell 1996 Comedy, Horror
Exit in Red Nick 1996 Thriller, Drama, Romance
Cold Night Into Dawn Eddie Rodgers 1997 Thriller
Pirates of Silicon Valley Bill Gates 1999 Drama
Dirt Merchant Jeffry Alan Spacy 1999 Comedy
The Photographer Greg 2000 Comedy, Drama
Revenge Brian Cutler 2000 Thriller
61* Whitey Ford 2001 0
Freddy Got Fingered 2001 Comedy
Hysteria - The Def Leppard Story 2001 Drama, Music
All about the Benjamins 2002 Action, Comedy, Crime
Funny Valentine Josh 2005 Comedy, Romance
LA Blues Larry 2007 Comedy
The Dark Knight Mike Engel 2008 0, Game Show
Cottonwood Virgil 2013 Crime, Drama
Aftermath Tom Fiorini 2013 Crime, Thriller
Vacation Russell 'Rusty' Griswold 2015 0
Results Grigory 2015
Natural Selection Mr. Stevenson 2016 Drama
Friend Request Burk 2016 Reality Tv, Game Show