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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Pier 66 1996
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Somebody has to Shoot the picture 1990 Drama
Excessive Force Fat Tommy 1993 Action
Only The Strong 1993 Action, Drama
Persons Unknown Vixen 1996 Action, Thriller
Catherine's Grove Detective Olsen 1997 Drama
Raging Hormones Earl Broadhurst 1999 Comedy
The Last Marshal FBI Agent 1999 Action, Thriller
All about the Benjamins 2002 Action, Comedy, Crime
In the Shadows Vito 2002 Drama, Thriller
Bad Boys II 2003 0, 0, Game Show
Out of Time 2003 Game Show, Comedy, 0
The Punisher 2004 0, Comedy
Punisher 2004 Action, Crime, Drama
Chat Mac 2006 Drama
Reservation Road Sergeant Burke 2007 0
We Own the Night Michael Solo 2007 Comedy, Game Show, 0
Pistol Whipped Sharp 2008 0, 0, Game Show
Hitters Anonymous Iverson 2008 Comedy
Torture by Hope George Williams 2009 Drama
I Love You Phillip Morris Dan Lindholm 2010 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Assumed Killer Detective Maurer 2013 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
The Immigrant Thomas MacNally 2013 Drama, Mystery, Romance
Sunlight Jr. Edwin 2013
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe Ivan 2013 Crime, Drama
Percentage Anatoly 2013 Crime
Ned Venture Sal 2013 Comedy
The Rogue Special Agent Patterson 2014 Action, Drama, Thriller
Need for Speed Detective #2 2014 0, Comedy, 0
Human Revolution Bob Page 2014 Action
Everglades Geo 2015 Thriller
Tony Tango Machete Sam 2015 Comedy
Below the Surface Garbaccio 2016 Thriller