Antonio Sabato Jr. Biography

Birthday: 1972-02-29
Place of Birth: Rome, Lazio Italy

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Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio Sabato Jr.


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Earth 2 Alonzo Solace 1994 - 1995 Adventure
But Can They Sing? 2005 Reality Tv
General Hospital: Night Shift Jagger Cates 2007 Drama
Celebrity Circus 2008 Reality Tv
My Antonio Himself 2009
Benidorm Er Harry Gordini 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fuga da Kayenta Emiliano 1991 Action
The Big Hit Vince 1998 Game Show, 0, 0
Circles Jeremy Bonner 1998
Goosed Dr. Steven Stevenson 1999
The Chaos Factor 2000
Mindstorm Dan Oliver 2001 Action, Horror, Mystery
Shark Hunter Spencer Northcut 2001 Action, Adventure, Horror
Longshot Tommy Sutton 2001 Action, Comedy, Crime
Dead Above Ground Sgt. Dan DeSousa 2002 Crime, Horror
Testosterone 2003
Wasabi Tuna 2003
Crash Landing Major John Masters 2006 Action, Crime, Thriller
Destination: Infestation 2007 0, Sport, Game Show
Deadly Skies 2007 Sci Fi
Bad Girl Island Michael 2009 Game Show
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas Henry 2009 Crime, Horror, Thriller
Balls to the Wall Uncle Sven 2011 Comedy
Little Women, Big Cars A.J. 2012
Intikam Varol 2015 Drama
The Confidence Game Michael 2015 Drama