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Film title: Apprentice to Murder
Language: English
Plot: Fire-and-brimstone preacher sees Satan everywhere, trains gullible young boy to "detect" evil, and the two of them commit several murders in the name of Jesus. Based on a true s

Apprentice to Murder Series
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Apprentice to Murder Cast & Crew

Donald Sutherland
as John Reese
Chad Lowe
as Billy Kelly
Mia Sara
as Alice Spangler
Knut Husebø
as Lars Hoeglin
Rutanya Alda
as Elma Kelly
Eddie Jones
as Tom Kelly
Mark Burton
as Clay Myers
Adrian Sparks
as Irwin Myers
Tiger Haynes
as Rufus
Minnie Gentry
as Mam Isobel
Blain Fairman
as Foreman
Mert Hatfield
as Sheriff
Keith Edwards
as Cop 1
Chris Langman
as Patterson
Lars Hiller
as Prouty