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Film title: Arctic Blue
Language: English
Plot: An environmentalist gets involved in transporting an accused killer (Ben) from an isolated Alaskan town to the authorities. Ben is determined to escape, and his fellow trappers are ready to help.

Arctic Blue Series
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Arctic Blue Cast & Crew

Rutger Hauer
as Ben Corbett
Dylan Walsh
as Eric Desmond
Rya Kihlstedt
as Anne Marie
Johnny Cuthbert
as Lemalle
John 'Bear' Curtis
as Mitchell
Bill Croft
as 'Viking' Bob Corbett
Kevin Cooney
as Meyerling
Michael Lawrenchuk
as Earl Kenai
Stephen E. Miller
as Arthur Neff
J.B. Bivens
as Sportsman #1
Michael St. John Smith
as Sportsman #2
Ron Chartier
as Sportsman #3
Dan Shea
as Pilot