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Wiki Biography: Arlene Barshinger was born in Virginia to a military couple in August of 1971. She is half Korean (mother) and half German (father). Though her father is of German decent, he was raised in the northeast, just like his parents before him.She is a photographer, radio personality, model, writer, and actress. She began her career as a photographer back in high school, working for the local newspaper and on the yearbook staff at her high school. She stepped away from that career to pursue a family life with her first husband, with whom she had a daughter.Arlene remarried after her first marriage ended after only two years. She would later remarry to a military officer five years after her divorce. She has two children with her current husband.Her middle child, a son, took an interest in acting and film making at the age of 10. She took him to a talent agent (Beverly Brock) who ultimately talked her into acting as well. She signed up with The Brock Agency along with her son. However, it was not until the beginning of 2012 that she jumped into the world of acting. She mostly stayed behind the scenes prior to 2012, helping her son to pursue his dreams.In mid-2012, she was invited to be an entertainment reporter for a Blog Talk Radio show. Within a few short weeks, Arlene was given the opportunity to start her own show called N the Queue ( Two weeks later, her show had become so busy, that she brought on a partner/co-host, Mark A Johnston. Her team continued to grow with Jason D Morris (Digital Shadow Films) and more recently, Robert Amador (Jared Media Productions) helping with web design for the show.Most recently, Arlene was in the April 26th, 2013 issue of People Magazines Most Beautiful issue. She was selected as a finalist in People's second year of their nationwide search for natural beauties at ever age.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Predatory Lender Restaurant Server 2013 Comedy, Crime, Horror
Subterranean Assassin 2014 Action
Bullets Blades and Blood Cupcake 2015 Action