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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
TV Reader's Digest Alphonse Bertillon 1955 Drama
Back From The Dead 1957 Horror
World of Giants 1959 Sci Fi
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Sands of Iwo Jima 1950 Action, Drama
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man Tommy Nelson 1951 Comedy, Horror, Sci Fi
Flight to Mars Dr. Jim Barker 1951 Sci Fi
The Member of the Wedding Jarvis Addams 1952
The Caine Mutiny 1954 Romance
The Unholy Wife Rev. Stephen Hochen 1957
Hellcats of the Navy 1957 Game Show, Romance, 0
The Young Lions 1958 0, 0
Monster on the Campus Prof. Donald Blake 1959 Horror, Sci Fi
The Atomic Submarine 1959 Sci Fi, Thriller
The Carpetbaggers 1964
Alvarez Kelly 1966
The Amazing Howard Hughes 1977 Drama
That Championship Season 1983 Drama
Invaders from Mars 1986 0, 0, Game Show, Sport, Reality Tv