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Film title: Artificial Lies
Language: English
Plot: Famed psychiatrist and known ladies man Dr. Palmer Harrison is found murdered in his office after the end of the working day. He died with an erection, leaving the police investigators to suspect initially that his sexual partner at the time is the murderer. Their lead suspect is who is listed as his last patient of the day, heiress Karen Wettering, whose father, Charles Wettering, is dismayed at whatever negative publicity his children, especially Karen, are always the center of. Karen categorically denies having attended that scheduled session or having killed Palmer, but she does admit to having had a sexual relationship with him. Roger Bellamy, Karen's lawyer and friend, asks his friend, recently widowed psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Rexler, to conduct an initial psychiatric evaluation of Karen to make sure there are no hidden skeletons with which he has to worry in court. That meeting leads to a sexual relationship between Karen and Peter, who now has a vested interest in seeing that nothing bad happens to her. But as evidence continues to mount against Karen and as Roger in turn scratches his head in how best to defend her, Peter comes up with a solution - manufacture a medical lie, albeit a dangerous one - that will at least give Roger some time to mount a credible defense. What they are all unaware of is that a sexual history diary that Palmer kept - with which Palmer's assistant is blackmailing Roger and Karen, but which Roger believes is merely an embarrassment than conclusive evidence against Karen - contains crucial information as to the murderer's motives.

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Artificial Lies Cast & Crew

Jack Wagner
as Dr. Peter Rexler
Stewart Bick
as Roger Bellamy
Daphne Zuniga
as Karen Wettering
Claudia Ferri
as Audrey Wettering
Maxim Roy
as Rachel Hart
Harry Standjofski
as Detective Sgt. Joe Collins
Lisa Bronwyn Moore
as Loretta Diamond
Kathleen Fee
as Judge Barrett
Frank Fontaine
as Charles Wettering
Clive McLean
as Dr. Palmer Harrison
Donovan Reiter
as Detective Ruiz
Anne Bedian
as Sarah
Jason Cavalier
as Brandon
Joel Miller
as Dr. Barkley
Michel Perron
as Medical Examiner