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Film title: Asylum
Language: English
Plot: An eleven-person riot squad races to an insane asylum to quell a recent inmate outbreak and hostage situation. They arrive, only to be caught off guard by a sudden barrage of insane patients. When they've finally fought off a wave, two of their squad members are missing, their communications return only static, and the doors are locked. They're trapped. They break up into three teams to track down the lost members. Strange sounds and religious iconography suggest something beyond insanity has taken over the inmates. Sure enough, a simple rescue mission quickly morphs into relentless life or death battles with possessed. When McGahey, a trained, rational hostage negotiator, discovers the ringleader of this possessed insanity is none other than his brother, it falls on him to stop nothing less than the opening of a portal to Hell.

Asylum  Series
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Asylum Cast & Crew

Stephen Rea
as McGahey
Bruce Payne
as Sharp
Steve Toussaint
as Powell
Hristo Shopov
as Father Richard
Caroline Ford
as Halloway
Valentin Ganev
as Priest
Velizar Binev
as Sergeant Quinn
Joe Montana
as Barnett
Jason Wong
as Lim
Anton Trendafilov
as Deep Voice Man
Dimo Alexiev
as Tall Intense Patient
Ulyana Chan
as Attractive Nurse
Velimer Velev
as Bald Patient