Watch Attila Online

Watch Attila Online
Film title: Attila
Language: English
Plot: The king of the Huns united warring tribes in an attempt to create one of history's largest empires. Despite success as a brave warrior and ruthless leader, Attila (Gerard Butler) suffered the same weaknesses and fears that bedevil ordinary men. His story, achievements and ultimate defeat come to life in this riveting epic detailing the facts and fiction surrounding one of the world's most complex leaders.

Attila Cast & Crew

Gerard Butler
as Attila the Hun
Powers Boothe
as Flavius Aetius
Reg Rogers
as Valentinian
Steven Berkoff
as King Rua
Andrew Pleavin
as Orestes
Tommy Flanagan
as Bleda
Kirsty Mitchell
as Honoria
Tim Curry
as Theodosius
Liam Cunningham
as King Theodoric
Rollo Weeks
as Young Attila