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Film title: Aunque tú no lo sepas
Language: Spanish
Plot: Lucía's heart misses a beat when she sees a man of her age, Juan in a department store. Without hesitating, she decides to follow him to his house, the same house where, twenty-five years before, while the Franco regime was on its last leg, Juan first met Lucía and fell in love with her... They were seventeen then, and invented a language of their own from across the balconies. But Juan was a boy from a humble family from the outskirts of the city, and Lucía's parents had big plans for her. Lucía chose the security offered by her wealthy boyfriend, the first of her suitable relationships; and it's only after meeting Juan, much later, that she realizes how much she had given up to achieve the status that her parents had dreamed of. Lucía decides to move across the street from Juan to get close to him and rekindle their dialogues across balconies from the past. However, Juan's life has changed, does he want to open up the wounds Lucia left in his heart when they were teenagers?

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Aunque tú no lo sepas Cast & Crew

Gary Piquer
as Juan
Andrés Gertrúdix
as Juan, de joven
Cristina Brondo
as Lucía, de joven
Daniel Guzmán
as Santi, de joven
Eloy Azorín
as Nacho
Miriam Acebo
as Conchi joven
Román Alonso
as Munster
Ricardo Amador
as Miguel
Teresa Arbolí
as Madre de Lucía, de joven
Enrique Asenjo
as Chico Manifestación
Cristina Baeza
as Espectadora Fnac
Mariví Bilbao
as Madre de Lucía, de mayor
Eduardo Blanco
as Matón 2
Txema Blasco
as Benito