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Australian Federal Police Series
Genre: Documentary
Premiere: 2012
Network: Nine
Sessons: 2
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The Australian Federal Police began operations on 19 October 1979. The catalyst for its formation was the Sydney Hilton hotel bombing the year before and a realisation by the Australian government that an organisation was needed to deal with issues such as terrorism at a national level. Now for the first time ever, the Australian public will get an exclusive insight into the daily workings of the Australian Federal Police when the observational series AFP debuts on commercial television in 2011. AFP captures vision of federal agents working in a number of diverse environments, highlighting the challenges that the Australian Federal Police faces including human trafficking, cyber crime, peace operations, protection and other transnational crimes. The show is filmed in real time. There are no actors. With diverse storylines including operational and non-operational action, the series also showcases the important and unique relationships the Australian Federal Police has with law enforcement partners both in Australia and offshore. (Source: AFP Website) more less
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