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Film title: Backfire!
Language: English
Plot: Just as Jeremy Jackson attempts to become the first male firewoman in New York, fires begin mysteriously erupting from toilets all over the City and Fire Marshal Marc Marshall is called in to investigate. From the start, Jeremy is heckled and sexually harassed by his tough as nails female cohorts including his instructor, the hard-boiled Lt. Shithouse. Jessica Luvintryst, Jeremy's old flame and the Mayor's very personal assistant, rekindles the fire in his eyes and between his thighs. Jeremy discovers trace jet fuel at the fire sites and soon becomes hot on the trail of The Most Evil Man and his diabolical scheme. In the tradition of Naked Gun, Backfire spoofs Backdraft.

Backfire! Series
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Backfire! Cast & Crew

Josh Mosby
as Jeremy Jackson
Robert Mitchum
as Marshal Marc Marshall
Kathy Ireland
as Jessica Luvintryst
Telly Savalas
as Most Evil Man
Shelley Winters
as The Good Lieutenant
Mary McCormack
as Sarah Jackson
Jeffrey Howard
as Coroner / Genie Voice
Michele Miller
as Katie
Tracy Douglas
as Colleen
Laine Valentino
as Herzoner the Mayor
Edie Falco
as Mom
Jody O'Neil
as Dispatcher
John Weiner
as ENG Cameraman