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Film title: Ball in the House
Language: English
Plot: Locked away in a court-ordered drug rehab for six months, fragilely sober JJ White is finally back home, but with family and friends still financially stung from his drug-induced escapades, reactions are mixed and extreme over his return. Most crucial to his maintained recovery, however, is Aunt Dot's new $75,000 life insurance policy drawn up against JJ having a fatal relapse before his eighteenth birthday. With the temptation of money before them, wheels turn, loyalties shift, and clandestine alliances form to ensure that JJ and his new-found sobriety have a short lifespan.

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Ball in the House Cast & Crew

Jennifer Tilly
as Aunt Dot
David Strathairn
as Dr. Charlie
Dan Moran
as Bull
Deirdre O'Connell
as Phyllis
Larry Neumann Jr.
as Uncle Ernie
Nathan Kiley
as Benji
Ethan Embry
as Bobby
Greg Sandquist
as Officer Waters
Eddie Bo Smith Jr.
as Recruiting Officer
Amy Zimmerman
as Anchorwomen Cindy
Larry Nash
as Anchorman Bob
Jonah Marsh
as AA Woman
Stephen J. Rose
as AA Man