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Film title: Barbazul
Language: Spanish, English, French
Plot: Barbazul is based on the classic fairytale "La Barbe Bleue" (Bluebeard, 1697) by Charles Perrault, author of Cinderella, which tells the story of a wealthy and feared aristocrat with a blue beard who has the bad habit of killing his wives. In the original story the sinister aristocrat, with many wives already under his belt and whose fates are a mystery, convinces a neighbor to give Bluebeard his youngest daughter's hand in marriage. The bearded villain takes his new young and terrified wife to his castle, gives her the keys to all of the rooms and the liberty to open each one, with the exception of one room. In Amy Hesketh's version, Barbazul meets Soledad, a young aspiring model trying to financially support her younger student sister. Barbazul proposes marriage and takes her to his faraway plantation. Soledad knows that Barbazul has already been married to a famous model who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Following the original story, Barbazul gives the keys to the plantation to his young fiance with a warning: for no reason must she use the key to his private room, "The rest of the house is all yours.", he says. A short time later Barbazul goes on a business trip, leaving Soledad in the company of Walter, the butler. Soledad, gripped by her uncontrollable curiosity, taking advantage of Barbazul's absence and violating his trust, enters the forbidden room where she discovers her future husband's fearsome secrets. There she learns the fate of Annabelle, the famous model who vanished as if swallowed by the earth itself. Even worse, that she was not the only one.

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Barbazul Cast & Crew

Jac Avila
as Barbazul
Veronica Paintoux
as Annabelle
Mila Joya
as Soledad
Paola Terán
as Maga
Erika Saavedra
as Agatha