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Film title: Battle Planet
Language: English
Plot: In the not-so-distant future, Captain Jordan Strider, a Special Forces Officer in the New World Alliance, is chosen for a top-secret mission. Sent to a desolate planet, Terra 219, to arrest possible traitors to the Alliance, Strider must survive with only a government issued experimental suit as protection. Eventually Strider discovers that he has been double crossed: The mission is an experiment to test the suit, which he cannot take off.

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Battle Planet Cast & Crew

Zack Ward
as Jordan Strider
Monica May
as Jun'hee
Colleen Smith
as The Suit
Kevin Thompson
as Panhandler
John Duerler
as Gen. Wakgen
Stephen Settgast
as Cmdr. Brandon Thaine
Meg Cionni
as Shelly Walker
Kimberly Arland
as Lt. Myian
Erik Betts
as Harris
Brea Grant
as Rasha
Dianne Kwon
as Mitch
Rhobye Wyatt
as Gen. Baenesh
Jason Miller
as Strike Leader Jackson
Traycee King
as 2nd Strike Leader