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Film title: Beautiful Dreamer
Language: English
Plot: Orphan Joe Kelly has an idyllic youth growing up in the country with his grandpa, and can turn his hobby into his profession as crop spray plane pilot. After Pearl Harbor, he joins the US Air Force as bomber pilot. Joe's wife Claire is notified he's missing, presumed killed when his plane is shot down over Germany. Later a military mate reports he saw Joe alive, apparently taken POW. Claire starts searching and finally finds Joe elsewhere in the US, but suffering from amnesia, and living under the name Tommy Warner, as partner of a tiny commercial air freight firm.

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Beautiful Dreamer Cast & Crew

Brooke Langton
as Claire
Colin Egglesfield
as Joe / Thomas 'Tommy' Warner
James Denton
as Dr. Kessler
Barry Corbin
as Grandpa
Rusty Schwimmer
as Jeannie
Susan Barnes
as Ruby
Elise Jackson
as Sherry
Lauren Woodland
as Racheal
Channon Roe
as Ray
Brett Moses
as Pete Newell
Tim Ryan
as Douglas
Duke Stroud
as Colonel Chambers