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Film title: Beautiful Now
Language: English
Plot: "Beautiful Now" tells the story of a passionate dancer , ROMY (Abigail Spencer), who finds herself contemplating extreme measures when she reaches a crossroads in her life. As she hangs on the razor's edge between reality and fantasy, her fractured group of friends (Cheyenne Jackson, Collette Wolfe, Elena Satine, Patrick Heusinger and Sonja Kinski) reunite and embark on a shared journey into vibrant and intense memories of their past, helping Romy answer the question: "if your life flashed before your eyes, would you like what you see?".

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Beautiful Now Cast & Crew

Andrea Schermoly
as Principal Dancer / Arielle Croyance
Toledo Diamond
as Angel of Death
Ali Cobrin
as Tracey
Hana Hayes
as Young Romy
Assaf Cohen
as Ali
Jordan Black
as Cody