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Film title: Bekarov, Yikre Lekha Mashehu Tov
Language: Hebrew
Plot: After discovering that his father has lied to him for years about his estranged sister and his mother, 14-year-old Ilan runs away from home and ends up living with his sister, Dalia, who works on a cruise ship and is having an affair with a married man. While Dalia is at work, Ilan explores her down-and-out neighborhood and discovers and befriends Avram, an elderly holdout Communist living in an abandoned building with his weapons cache and marijuana-growing business, biding his time for the ultimate battle against the capitalists. While Dalia and Ilan rediscover each other under a blanket of sexual tension, unbeknownst to Dalia, Ilan is "apprenticing" with Avram, helping him to cultivate his plants. Meanwhile, a neighborhood whistleblower seeking to clean up the area of drugs and drug dealers, enlists the police in his efforts. While Ilan is able to rescue Avram once from being caught, eventually law enforcement sniffs him out, and a battle ensues with Avram and Ilan holed up in Avram's fortress making Avram's "last stand" against "the capitalists".

Bekarov, Yikre Lekha Mashehu Tov Series
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Bekarov, Yikre Lekha Mashehu Tov Cast & Crew

Adam Hirsch
as Ilan
Assi Dayan
as Avraham
as Daliya
Shraga Harpaz
as Ilan's Dad
Razia Israeli
as Ilan's Mom
Yuval Semo
as Zohar
Eliran Caspi
as Daliya's boyfriend
Yair Rubin
as Building contractor
Eyal Rozales
as Dictator
Eyal Shiray
as Staff officer
Uri Klauzner
as School-teacher