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Film title: Berlin-Yerushalaim
Language: Hebrew, German, English, French
Plot: Two interconnected stories in the 1930s, one set in Berlin, the other in Palestine: Mania Vilbouchevich Shohat (1880-1961), called Tania, a Russian Jew and revolutionary, goes from Minsk to Palestine to live on a collective. She promotes feminism and laments a shift in the men from self-defense to aggression. Her friend, Else Lasker-Schuler (1869 - 1945), expressionist poet and German Jew, is in Berlin, writing, caring for her son, watching Hitler's movement take power. She goes to Jerusalem and imagines a park for Arab and Jew. Her poems, voiced from within, capture her experience. The film meditates on the violence at the root of Israel's birth: of the Nazis and of the Zionists

Berlin-Yerushalaim Series
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Berlin-Yerushalaim Cast & Crew

Lisa Kreuzer
as Else
Bernard Eisenschitz
as Man in Berlin cafe
Raoul Guylad
as Dr. Weintraub
Yossi Graber
as Zins
Mark Ivanir
as Dov Ben Gelman
Veronica Lazar
as Secretary
Ori Levy
as Anton Keller
Keren Mor
as Fania
Gadi Poor
as Nissanov
Bilha Rosenfeld
as Tzipora