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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Clochemerle Nicholas The Beadle 1972 - 1972
Carry on Laughing 1975 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Blood of the Vampire 1958 Sport
Too Many Crooks 1959 Comedy, Crime
Carry On Cowboy Little Heap 1966
Carry On Doctor Ken Biddle 1967
Carry On Screaming Sockett 1967 Comedy, Horror
Carry On up the Khyber Bungdit Din 1968 Adventure, Comedy
Carry On Camping Bernie Lugg 1969 Comedy
Moon Zero Two 1969
Carry On Up the Jungle Upsidaisi 1970
Carry On Loving Gripper Burke 1970 Comedy, Romance
The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins 1971
Carry On at Your Convenience 1971
Carry On Matron Ernie Bragg 1972
Carry On Girls 1973
Carry On Abroad Brother Bernard 1973 Comedy
Carry On Dick Sir Roger Daley 1974 Adventure, Comedy
Carry On Laughing 1975
One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing Fan Choy 1975 Family, Adventure, Comedy
Carry On Behind Arthur Upmore 1976 Comedy
Jabberwocky 1977 Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
The Fifth Musketeer 1979 Adventure
Hawk the Slayer 1981 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Krull Cyclops 1983 0, 0