Watch Bernie Online

Watch Bernie Online
Film title: Bernie
Rotten Tomatoes: 89%
Language: English
Plot: We meet Bernie Tiede (1958- ), a chubby undertaker, who takes pride in his work. He's a Gospel-singing tenor. In a series of interviews with townspeople, mixed with flashbacks, we follow Bernie: he arrives in Carthage, Texas (pop. 7,000), where old ladies adore him; he befriends a wealthy, mean-spirited widow named Marjorie Nugent; they become companions in both daily routines and expensive vacations. Among those interviewed, only her stockbroker and Danny Buck, the local district attorney, are unsympathetic toward the sunny, sometimes saccharine Bernie. Marjorie changes from sour and alone to happy with Bernie; then she gets possessive. What will sweet Bernie do?

Bernie Cast & Crew

Jack Black
as Bernie Tiede
Shirley MacLaine
as Marjorie Nugent
Matthew McConaughey
as Danny Buck
Brady Coleman
as Scrappy Holmes
Richard Robichaux
as Lloyd Hornbuckle
Rick Dial
as Don Leggett
Brandon Smith
as Sheriff Huckabee
Larry Jack Dotson
as Rev. Woodard
Mathew Greer
as Carl
Marjorie Dome
as Townsperson
Tim Cariker
as Townsperson
Fern Luker
as Townsperson
Jack Payne
as Townsperson
Sonny Carl Davis
as Townsperson