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Film title: Betrayal of the Dove
Language: English
Plot: A tangled web of deception and crime. Ellie and her daughter Autumn are in danger, but from who and why they don't know.

Betrayal of the Dove Series
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Betrayal of the Dove Cast & Crew

Helen Slater
as Ellie West
Billy Zane
as Dr. Jesse Peter
Sebastian Harrison
as Security Guard
Alan Thicke
as Jack West
Nedra Volz
as Very Old Woman
Lehua Reid
as Fashion Model
David L. Lander
as Norman
Nita Whitaker
as Floor Nurse
Stuart Pankin
as Gabe, Anesthesiologist
Gail Neely
as O.R. Nurse #1
Laura Bastianelli
as O.R. Nurse #2
Cole S. McKay
as Semi Driver
Lynn Elliot
as Girl with Horse