Betty Whites Off Their Rockers

Betty Whites Off Their Rockers Series
Genre: Reality Tv
Premiere: 2012
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 12
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On a wild, dark night in 1770, a storm-lashed ship crashes helplessly on the treacherous rocks of Dead Eye, lured to its doom by a flickering light on the coast. It is the deceiving, deadly lantern of the Wreckers, the sinister villagers of Thriabbas who make a living from the loot of "organised" disaster. But this time there is a survivor. A strange Eastern girl struggles ashore— and she must be silenced before her evidence can destroy the Wreckers. At Moor House live the only villagers not involved with the Wreckers, the retired sea captain Shadrach, his bosun Tobias, his niece Caroline, and Zac the stable-lad. Can they reach the girl first? This new, six-part serial was filmed entirely on location, mainly on the East Anglian coast around Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex, and at Westleton in Suffolk. more less
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Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: Parachute Drop
Season 1, Episode 2: Writing Tickets for Makeup Violations
Season 1, Episode 3:
Season 1, Episode 4:
Season 1, Episode 5:
Season 1, Episode 6:
Season 1, Episode 7:
Season 1, Episode 8:
Season 1, Episode 9:
Season 1, Episode 10:
Season 1, Episode 11:
Season 1, Episode 12: