Watch Bicentennial Man Online

Watch Bicentennial Man Online
Film title: Bicentennial Man
Rotten Tomatoes: 36%
Language: English
Plot: Two hundred years in the life of an extraordinary robot are chronicled when the Martin family purchases an android named Andrew (Robin Williams) to perform menial household tasks. Before long, the humans (Sam Neill and Embeth Davidtz) realize they may be rubbing off on their domestic servant as Andrew, astonishingly, begins to experience human feelings and creative thought.

Bicentennial Man Cast & Crew

Robin Williams
as Andrew Martin
Embeth Davidtz
as Little Miss Amanda Martin
Sam Neill
as 'Sir' Richard Martin
Oliver Platt
as Rupert Burns
Kiersten Warren
as Galatea
Wendy Crewson
as 'Ma'am' Martin
Hallie Kate Eisenberg
as Little Miss Amanda Martin - Age 7
Lindze Letherman
as 'Miss' Grace Martin - Age 9
Angela Landis
as 'Miss' Grace Martin
Bradley Whitford
as Lloyd Charney
Igor Hiller
as Lloyd Charney - Age 10