Watch Big Sur Online

Watch Big Sur Online
Film title: Big Sur
Rotten Tomatoes: 43%
Language: English
Plot: Sudden fame and a self-destructive lifestyle were taking a toll on Jack Kerouac's mind and body following the unparalleled success of the groundbreaking novel, On The Road. Once the handsome literary maverick and hero of the Beat Generation, Kerouac now sees only a vestige of his former self, ravaged by alcohol and drugs, aged beyond his years and tormented by self-doubt. Questioning his talent, his faith, and his mortality, Kerouac leaves New York for California, on a quest for redemption at an isolated, fog-banked cabin in the primitive landscape of the Big Sur woods. What ensues in those fateful 3 weeks of August, 1960, is both terrifying and revelatory. While Kerouac is able to find beauty and elation in his surroundings, the dichotomy of his psyche renders him unable to face his demons alone. He sets off on a visceral collision course of paranoia, sex, delirium tremens, misery and madness. His desperation culminates in an intense, hallucinatory breakdown, but the duality of his nature (again) comes into play and he emerges from his dark place - however fleeting - with a modicum of peace and optimism.

Big Sur Cast & Crew

Stana Katic
as Lenora
Kate Bosworth
as Billie
Josh Lucas
as Neal Cassady
Radha Mitchell
as Carolyn Cassady
Anthony Edwards
as Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Henry Thomas
as Philip Whalen
Patrick Fischler
as Lew Welch / Dave Wain
Balthazar Getty
as Michael McClure
John Robinson
as Paul Smith
Jean-Marc Barr
as Jack Kerouac / Jack Duluoz
Vanessa Ross
as Lady Dining
Richard Conti
as Cabbie
Jaden Alexander
as 1959 Beatnik