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Film title: Bikini Hotel
Language: English
Plot: Samantha Vance inherits the Tiki Hotel when her father dies. She decides to fix it up but has problems drumming up business. Her friends throw a party at the hotel and an idea is born to make it the "Bikini Hotel" with all of the staff members wearing bikinis. This elicits jealousy in the nearby Regent Hotel who wish to turn Samantha's hotel into a parking lot. It all culminates in a competition where the winner g

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Bikini Hotel Cast & Crew

J.J. North
as Samantha Vance
Tim Lovestedt
as Remote
Paul Hannum
as Chip Regent
Tina-Desiree Berg
as Jacqueline Renee
Julie Strain
as Raquel
Stella Stevens
as Gail Regent
Mike Urdaneta
as Concierge
Richard Bell
as Manfred
Tom Tom Typhoon
as Japanese Tourist
Simon Lok
as Simon Ko
David Jacobs
as Sheriff Tim Riggs
Ken Renta
as Judge Jackson Thomas
Bianca Rocilili
as Tiki Hotel Maid
as Woman Cop