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Birthday: 1968-07-08
Place of Birth: Manhasset, New York USA
Height: 5' 8½" (1.74 m)
Wiki Biography: By: IMDb Editors/moviegirl1721 Mini Biography Actor Billy Crudup does not want to be a star, he claims. He's one of those constantly hard-working actors who'll shoot the movie, and do as little publicity as he can. He lives in New York City with Mary-Louise Parker, who he met when they did a play together off-Broadway. Born in Manhasset, New York on July 8, 1968, Billy was raised in Florida and Texas. His family frequently moved and always being the new kid meant Billy had to develop some way of gaining acceptance. Being the class clown was his ticket in. He has 2 brothers, and his father married his mother, divorced her, and then married her again when he was in high school. A drama major at the University of North Carolina, upon graduation Crudup headed to NYC to live with his brother Tommy (who was at that time a publicist) and study at New York University, where he joined a theatre troupe called "the lab!" and did little plays and musicals - he even played "Schroeder" in the famed children's musical "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown!". Just prior to his graduation in 1994, Crudup won a role in the indie flick Grind (1997). Though this was his feature debut, it ended up without a distributor for three years. At this point, he was dating Laurel Holloman, whom he met when they were both acting students at NYU. In 1996, he started doing small roles in bigger films, beginning with Sleepers (1996), and then Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You (1996), returning to his musical roots by singing a song in the back of a taxi cab. Next, Crudup returned to the stage for the off-Broadway revival of "Bus Stop". Although the play was not well reviewed, he won the heart of his co-star, Mary-Louise Parker, and they began a relationship that continues to this day. He started getting bigger roles in 1997, with Inventing the Abbotts (1997). Though the film didn't set the box office on fire, it did give Crudup's career an added push and his first film, Grind (1997), finally found a distributor. In 1998, after refusing to audition for Titanic (1997), he returned to the stage, off-Broadway, with Frances McDormand in "Oedipus". Unfortunately, it had a four-hour running time and was not well received by the critics or the public. Going back to films, Crudup won the role of "Steve Prefontaine" in the Tom Cruise-produced Without Limits (1998). The media attention on the Cruise-produced, Robert Towne-written and directed project ensured that attention would be on Crudup too. At this point, he was starting to make some money in films, so he and his brothers bought a house in New York City. In 2000, after Brad Pitt dropped out of the role of the rock star in Almost Famous (2000), Crudup took over. Although, yet again, the movie didn't make a lot of money, it brought the spotlight back on Crudup who, up to this point, had steadfastly refused to be a part of any "mass marketed films". He makes a great deal of money as a "voice-over actor", doing commercials on U.S. television for Mastercard and others. In 2002, his production of "The Elephant Man" on Broadway closed after only 65 performances, due to low ticket sales. It received 2 favorable reviews, 4 unfavorable reviews, and 6 mixed reviews.

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Billy Crudup Billy Crudup Billy Crudup Billy Crudup Billy Crudup Billy Crudup


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Smugglers Will Bloom 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Sleepers Tommy Marcano 1996 Comedy, 0
Inventing the Abbotts Jacey Holt 1997 Drama, Romance
Grind Eddie 1997 Drama
Without Limits Steve Prefontaine 1998
The Hi-Lo Country 1998 Fantasy, Biography, 0
Monument Ave. Teddy 1998 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Jesus' Son F.H. 1999
Princess Mononoke Ashitaka 1999 Animation, Action, Adventure
Waking the Dead Fielding Pierce 2000
Almost Famous Russell Hammond 2000 Drama, Music
World Traveler Cal 2002 Drama
Big Fish Will Bloom 2003 0, 0
Stage Beauty Ned Kynaston 2004 0, Biography
Mission: Impossible III John Musgrave 2006 0
The Good Shepherd Arch Cummings 2006 0, Game Show
Mission Impossible III John Musgrave 2006 Action, Adventure, Thriller
Trust the Man Tobey 2006
Dedication Henry Roth 2007 0, 0
Pretty Bird 2008
Watchmen Dr. Manhattan 2009 Action, Mystery, Sci Fi
Eat Pray Love Stephen 2010 0
Glass Chin J.J. Cook 2014 Game Show
Blood Ties Frank 2014 0, Drama
The Longest Week Dylan Tate 2014 0, 0
Rudderless Sam 2014 Drama
Spotlight Eric MacLeish 2015 Game Show, 0
The Stanford Prison Experiment Dr. Philip Zimbardo 2015 Drama, Thriller
Life at These Speeds Coach K 2015 Drama, Sport
Youth in Oregon Brian Gleason 2016 Comedy, Drama