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Film title: Birds of America
Language: English
Plot: When Morrie was a teenager, his parents died, leaving him a house, an irritable bowel, and siblings Jay and Ida to raise. Jump ahead 20 years: Jay is homeless, fits poorly into society, and was recently injured; Ida is jobless and sleeps with strangers; Morrie is married to the long-suffering Betty who is waiting for Morrie to get tenure before having children. They constantly have to kiss up to their holier-than-thou neighbors, one of whom is Morrie's department head. Morrie brings Jay home to recover, Ida decides to visit, the siblings make the neighbors ill at ease, a strange woman visits, and the cops want to talk to Jay. What about Morrie's irritated bowels?

Birds of America Series
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Birds of America Cast & Crew

Matthew Perry
as Morrie
Ben Foster
as Jay
Lauren Graham
as Betty Tanager
Hilary Swank
as Laura
Gary Wilmes
as Paul
Stacie Theon
as Ellen Thomas
Lindsay Allen
as Roller-Blading Girl
Tom Pelphrey
as Hitchhiker
Will Toale
as Young Male Cop
Vivien Kells
as Sleeping Girl
Keith McDermott
as Man in Street
Marisa Zalabak
as Woman in Street