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Film title: Birds of a Feather
Language: English
Plot: A life in show biz. Everyone wants to be in it. The glamor. The fame. The money. The excitement. The adoring public. The trouble-free life. But what about the rejections? The failures? The fear? The day-to-day existence as an artist who can't get any work? Or gives up trying? What happens when the approaching impending doom of the age of forty further reveals to you just how much you haven't done in your life?

Birds of a Feather  Series
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Birds of a Feather Cast & Crew

Kenny Kelleher
as Connor
Trevor Donovan
as Trevor
Ty Valencia
as Konstantin
Richard Pires
as Takashi
Mitzi McCall
as Beatrice
Mark Hapka
as Actor
Joe Slaughter
as Actor