Watch Black November Online

Watch Black November Online
Film title: Black November
Language: English
Plot: A volatile, ravaged community wages a war against their own corrupt government and an international oil corporation, to save their land from being destroyed by excessive drilling and frequent oil spills. The extreme pollution and poverty in the region culminates in a rebel organization kidnapping a top level oil executive to make sure the destruction ends.

Black November Cast & Crew

Razaaq Adoti
as Timi
Fred Amata
as Gideon white
Mbong Amata
as Ebiere
Zack Amata
as Chief Kuku
Asenshion Amun
as Hostage
Awuese Awunde
as Eloho
Kim Basinger
as Kristy
Ivar Brogger
as Bellamy
Jay M. Brooks
as Soldier
Jenifer Brougham
as Agent Reese
Caitlyn Tyler Cole
as Homeland Security Advisor