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Film title: Black Thunder
Language: English
Plot: When the top secret prototype of the Nova Stealth fighter has been stolen, the Pentagon launches big alarm; the plane shouldn't come into hostile hands. There is only one man who can get back the plane; the test-pilot Vince Conners. He and his partner Jannick pursues the Nova to Libya but when they land at the site their mission fails. Jannick has been captured and Conners is on the run. Without friends or allies they have to try to find the Nova without falling into the hands of the military regime and before Libyian terrorists uses the plane to bomb a meeting of the United Nations in Paris, with nerve g

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Black Thunder Cast & Crew

Marcus Aurelius
as Hinkle
Frederic Forrest
as The Admiral
John Furey
as Moore
Landon Hall
as Eileen
Gary Hudson
as Jannick
John Lafayette
as Demuth
Robert Madrid
as Stone
Robert Miranda
as Rojar
Richard Norton
as Rather
Dean Scofield
as Captain Jones
Sonny Surowiec
as Alias
Marc Vahanian
as Radio Operator