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Film title: Black and White
Language: English
Plot: Chris O'Brien, devote Catholic and rookie cop with LAPD, is assigned to partner with the hard-edged, street-smart Nora Hugosian. A serial killer is loose, and all the victims are low-life guys whom Nora has dealt with. So, when the tire tracks of a police car are found at a murder scene, she's the prime suspect of internal affairs investigator Simon Hertzel. Chris and Nora start an affair, but meanwhile he has suspicions about her. Should he start his own investigation, which would be an act of betrayal, or trust her, as his partner and his lover? When a witness i.d.'s Nora's former partner, Michael Clemence, as the killer, Nora gives Mike an alibi, and things get complicated

Black and White  Series
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Black and White Cast & Crew

Gina Gershon
as Nora 'Hugs' Hugosian
Rory Cochrane
as Chris O'Brien
Ron Silver
as Simon Herzel
Alison Eastwood
as Lynn Dombrowsky
Ross Partridge
as Michael Clemence
James Handy
as Sergeant Wright
Carl Anthony Payne II
as Ernie Pitts
Ashley Tucker
as Bany Glover
Joe Unger
as Charlie Sanders
Lobo Sebastian
as Pablo
Kamala Lopez
as Carmela
Boris Lee Krutonog
as Peeping Tom
Michael Paul Chan
as Witness
Barry Primus
as Priest
Marshall Bell
as Toast