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Birthday: 1996-07-31
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Blake began his career at the age of 3 booking numerous print jobs. When Blake was 5, his mom enrolled him in acting classes with Lisina (Longo) Stoneburner at the Company Acting Studio in Atlanta. It was with Lisina and her staff that Blake's serious love for acting was nurtured and developed.When Blake was 6, his mom decided to secure an agent that could offer him opportunities to expand into acting. It was then that agent Joy Pervis discovered Blake's talent as a young actor.Blake's first principal role in a commercial was for Bojangles' Chicken in which he shared the spotlight with NC quarterback Jake Delhomme. He also appeared in the U.S. Army sponsored Mark Schultz music video "Letters From War." Blake's first worldwide exposure came in 2006 when his commercial for the game of the movie Zathura saturated the globe. Blake worked frequently as a model for Macy's for 2 years and 3rd grade he told his mom that he needed to be home schooled because acting is what he wanted to do.When Blake was 10, he was chosen to be the host of a series of four collaborative commercials for Hasbro Toys and Cartoon Network. This piqued Cartoon Network's interest in him and soon after, they hired him to host his own show for Cartoon Network. Aimed toward an audience of 6-11 year old boys, Blake named the Friday show "Fried Dynamite" while the Saturday morning show was called "Dynamite Action Squad." His stint with the network lasted 3 years.During this time, Blake teamed up with teen pop country singer Celeste Kellogg to create and sing a duet he titled "Looking In Your Eyes." Eventually, Blake had the opportunity to perform the song live and found the experience of live performing something he definitely wanted to do again.In June 2010, Blake's talent was recognized by Disney and he was cast in a lead role, 'Charlie', for the 2011 Disney made for TV movie musical, "Lemonade Mouth." Later in 2010 Blake jumped to the other side of the camera when he wrote and directed a short film, "Anonymous" which debuted at teen festivals April 2011. Then in November Blake snagged a lead in the Disney Channel pilot Dog with a Blog, featuring a talking dog, which later debuted on the small screen as a new series.In his spare time, Blake enjoys playing the drums, skating, DJ'ing, and making and editing movies. He became one of the youngest people to acquire a You Tube partnership, as a 12 year old, with his original short videos. As a young boy he followed in his big brother's footsteps, pursuing swimming and acquiring many state champion titles as well as a few state records. Blake's only sibling, Zack, is a junior in college.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dog with a Blog Tyler James 2012 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School Zach 2010 Comedy, Family