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Film title: Blinded
Language: English
Plot: While doing her rounds in the Scottish countryside, Doctor Caroline Lamar comes upon a hitchhiker, and offers him a lift. Young Danish backpacker Mike Hammershoi explains that he is looking for work in the area, and so she points him in the direction of Black's farm, an isolated steading. Francis Black, the owner, who is blind, and lives there with his ailing mother Bella, and enigmatic young wife Rachel, tells Mike he can work in the yard. But put off by the foreboding atmosphere, Mike declines. A chance encounter with Rachel, however, persuades him to stay and settle in. Since the accident that blinded him two years earlier, Francis has become incresingly bitter, and sensing hs young wife's attraction to the stranger, orders him to leave. But rather than force them apart, Mike's imminent departure only serves to bind teh two in a passionate relationship that will ultimately have dark consequences for them all.

Blinded Series
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Blinded Cast & Crew

Anders W. Berthelsen
as Mike Hammershoi
Samantha Bond
as Caroline Lamar
Phyllida Law
as Bella Black
Jodhi May
as Rachel Black
Peter Mullan
as Francis Black