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Film title: Blindside
Language: English
Plot: Harvey Keitel plays Penfield Gruber, a once great scientist, reduced to managing a sleazy hotel. Gruber monitors the daily comings and goings of his tenants, mainly for his own interest, until underworld figures ask him to spy on a suspected double-crosser. While watching the man, Gruber overhears a murder plot.

Blindside Series
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Blindside Cast & Crew

Harvey Keitel
as Penfield Gruber
Lori Hallier
as Julie
Michael Rudder
as Freelong
Cordelia Strube
as Dolman
Durango Coy
as Borden
Alan Fawcett
as Gilchrist
James Kidnie
as Sandy
Kenneth McGregor
as Collinson
Sam Malkin
as Peters
Sugith Varughese
as Two Tone
Frenchie McFariane
as Elvis Impersonator
Cheryl Wilson
as Janine