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Film title: Bliss
Language: English
Plot: An advertising executive dies and goes to hell... except nothing changes. Well, his daughter is buying drugs with sexual favours from her brother, and the number of cancer-causing products is on the increase. But the notes he writes to himself to prove he hasn't gone insane are getting more disjointed, and he runs off with an ex-prostitute called Honey B

Bliss  Series
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Bliss Cast & Crew

Barry Otto
as Harry Joy
Lynette Curran
as Bettina Joy
Helen Jones
as Honey Barbara
Gia Carides
as Lucy Joy
Miles Buchanan
as David Joy
Jeff Truman
as Joel
Tim Robertson
as Alex Duval
Bryan Marshall
as Adrian Clunes
Jon Ewing
as Aldo
Kerry Walker
as Alice Dalton
Paul Chubb
as Reverend Des
Sarah De Teliga
as Harry's Mother
Saskia Post
as Harry's Daughter
Robert Menzies
as Damien