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Film title: Bloodline
Language: Italian
Plot: Two journalists, Sandra and Marco, are sent to film a behind the scenes expose on a hardcore movie set. The set for the film is in the exact same location where, fifteen years before, Sandra's little sister was murdered by a serial killer called The Surgeon. Reluctant at first, Sandra will eventually face her fears by accepting the job, only to find herself involved in a new line of murders: who is the Surgeon copycat? And more important, why are his victims coming back to life only to kill again?

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Bloodline Cast & Crew

Monica Citarda
as Giulia / Sandra
Valentina Del Rio
as Victoria
Roberta Fossile
as Mother
Francesco Malcom
as Riccardo
Elena Ravaioli
as Luana
Paolo Ricci
as Klaus Kinki
Fabio Rizzuto
as Gianni
Bruno Valente
as Christian