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Film title: Blue
Language: English
Plot: Gary "Blue" Meekins struggles against unusually high obstacles to turn his hopeless life into that of the American dream. As an adolescent growing up in the crime riddled streets of Harlem and losing both parents in a violent murder, Blue became a survivor by any means necessary. After going through a series of financial woes, Blue runs into two of his old childhood acquaintances, Chip and Dutch, who are now hardcore criminals. They offer Blue a part in a robbery of a supposed neighborhood drug dealer. During the robbery, Blue realizes he has been fooled into robbing an innocent family. The events haunt Blue and lead him to give up his life of crime and return to his childhood boxing gym and longtime trainer/mentor China Banks. While Blue struggles in the fighting circuit, he is suddenly laid off from work and his longtime girlfriend Crystal, decides she has had enough of Blue's short sighted dream of becoming a boxing champion, and leaves him. Now, Blue focuses even more on boxing and training. The determination of one man will lead to redemption at all cost. The race is not won by the swift or the strong, but by the one who endures until the end. Fight or die.

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Blue Cast & Crew

Don Wallace
as Gary 'Blue' Meekins
Keith David
as Terry Venable
Daya Vaidya
as Carmen
Henry G. Sanders
as China Banks
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Courtney Brown
Casey Lee
as Dutch
Lenore Thomas
as Crystal
Evan Parke
as Kareem
Kathrine Narducci
as Brenda Marshall
Kevin Benton
as Uncle Raymond
Michael Bentt
as Mr. Parker
Robert Cavanah
as Big fight referee
David A. Cooper
as Ring Announcer