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Film title: Blue Eyes
Language: English
Plot: Before his compulsory retirement, on his last day of work, Marshall, JFK airport's chief Immigration officer, detains a group of Latin Americans and expose them to a series of humiliating situations. Blinded by prejudice, Marshall ends up causing the death of a young Brazilian. After a period in prison, Marshall goes to Brazil, deadly ill and in a desperate search in order to purge his guilt. In his quest, he is guided by Bia, a young prostitute.

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Blue Eyes Cast & Crew

David Rasche
as Marshall
Erica Gimpel
as Sandra
Frank Grillo
as Bob Estevez
Hector Bordoni
as Augustin
Valeria Lorca
as Assumpta
Branca Messina
as Calypso
Everaldo Pontes
as The Grandfather
Irandhir Santos
as Nonato
Pablo Uranga
as Martin