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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Howl Judge Clayton Horn Action
Pie in the Sky 1994 - 1997 Comedy
For Love or Money 2003 - 2004 Comedy
Hopeless Pictures 2005 - Animation
Recount Ben Ginsberg 2008 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Catch-22 Capt. Orr 1970 0, 0
Me, Natalie Morris 1970 Comedy, Drama
The Strawberry Statement 1970 Drama, Romance
Close Encounters of the Third Kind David Laughlin 1977 Drama, Sci Fi
Altered States Arthur Rosenberg 1980 Reality Tv, Sport, Game Show, 0
Prince of the City 1981 0
Absence of Malice 1981 Drama, Romance, Thriller
2010: The Year We Make Contact R. Chandra 1984
End of the Line Warren Gerber 1987 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Dead Bang Elliot Webly 1989
Greedy 1994 Comedy
Waiting for Guffman 1996 0
Pie in the Sky Paul Entamen 1996 Comedy, Romance
The Late Shift Warren Littlefield 1996 Comedy, Drama, Talk Show
Conversation with the Beast Mr. Webster 1997 Drama
Deconstructing Harry 1997 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Clockwatchers 1998 Comedy, Drama
Three to Tango 1999 0
Jakob the Liar Kowalsky 1999 Comedy, Drama
Natural Selection Dr. William Powell 1999 Comedy, Thriller, Horror
Cradle Will Rock Harry Hopkins 2000 Drama
Best in Show Dr. Theodore W. Millbank, III 2001 Comedy
The Mexican 2001 Comedy, Crime, Romance
Ghost World Enid's Dad 2001 Comedy, Drama
Plan B James Foster 2001 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Majestic Elvin Clyde 2001 Drama, Romance
Gosford Park Morris Weissman 2002 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Scene Stealers Jonathan Crouch Esq. 2004 Drama
Lady in the Water Harry Farber 2006 Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
No Reservations Therapist 2007 0, Biography
Dedication Arthur Planck 2007 0, 0
Marie and Bruce Roger 2008 Comedy, Drama
The Windmill Movie 2009 Documentary
A Monster in Paris Pâté 2011 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Girl Most Likely Maxwell 2012 0, 0
Moonrise Kingdom The Narrator 2012 0, 0, Biography
Fading Gigolo Sol 2013 Comedy
Howl Judge Clayton Horn 2015 Reality Tv
For Love or Money 2019